Class of 10

Congratulations on your 10th reunion!

The year 2020 is your year, and we’re excited to celebrate with you. Your 10th reunion is a milestone — an opportunity to commemorate your place in Cal’s history while reconnecting with campus. Celebrate your relationship to Cal by making a meaningful gift in honor of your 10th reunion. Your donation will further UC Berkeley’s excellence by helping its bright students and world-class faculty shine.​ 

All gifts and new pledges to any area on campus made between January 1 and December 31, 2020, will count toward your 10th reunion campaign.  Whether it’s a gift of $20.10 or $2,010, every gift – regardless of size – is critical to the continued success of the university and its students.

We invite you to explore the many giving opportunities at give.kct56.com or to contact your class liaison:

Jessica Freund​
Assistant Director, Cal Reunions

(510) 642-3511

We are thrilled to celebrate with you during this special year.

Go Bears!

The Class of 2010 Reunion Committee 

Are you passionate about Cal? Would you like to give back? Join your 10th reunion committee!

As a volunteer, you play a critical role in creating an unforgettable experience for your class, while reconnecting friends and raising funds to support UC Berkeley’s excellence. 

A special thanks to those who have joined so far:

Alex Alvarez, B.A. Political Science
Bao Chau, B。A。 Computer Science, B.A. History, B.A. Political Science
Katelyn Do, B。A。 Anthropology
Kiira Johal, B。A。 History, B.A. Political Science
Lindsay King, B.A. English, B.A. French
Cory Miyamoto, B.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering
Natasha Perry, B.A. Linguistics, B.A. Rhetoric
Alex Raya (Co-Chair), B.A. Political Science
Cindy Weydt, B.A. Applied Mathematics, B。A。 Economics
Ashley Wolfe Reilly (Co-Chair), B.A. Linguistics, B。A。 Political Science

If you are interested in participating on your 10th捕鱼大作战 reunion committee, please contact:

Jessica Freund​
Assistant Director, Cal Reunions

(510) 642-3511

Reunion Checklist 

1. CELEBRATEThis year Reunion Weekend at Homecoming is going virtual! Join us online October 16, 2020, to celebrate your milestone year with your fellow Golden Bears! Registration opens in August. Details are being finalized for the Class of 2010 virtual gathering. More information will be posted to our website as soon as it is available. An in-person celebration in 2021 is planned as well.

2. CONNECT: @calreunions on  and .​​​ Share your photos and memories on social media, and include the hashtag #calreunions. 

3. PARTICIPATE: Lend your expertise and utilize your connections. Join your Reunion Committee and make a difference at Cal! Consider hosting a mini-reunion for your club, sport, Greek organization, major, or profession. Interested? Contact your class liaison, Jessica Freund at jessicafreund@kct56.com or (510) 642-3511.

4. SHARE: Do you have a great story about how Cal has made an impact on your life? Do you know a classmate who has made a difference in the world since graduation? Nominate a classmate or yourself捕鱼大作战, and we may feature your alumni spotlight on our Cal Reunions website and social media platforms.

5. GIVE: Consider making a meaningful gift in honor of your 10th reunion. You can give any amount to any campus program, unit, department, or fund of your choice, and it will be counted toward your class campaign goal of $350,000. Explore the many giving opportunities at give.kct56.com.

Upcoming Events 
Oct 16
Reunion Weekend at Homecoming
University of California, Berkeley
October 16, 2020 to October 18, 2020 (All day)
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This year Reunion Weekend at Homecoming is going virtual! Join us online October 16–18, 2020, to celebrate your milestone year with your fellow Golden Bears! Registration opens in August.

Details are being finalized for the Classes of 1970, 1995, and 2010 virtual gatherings during the weekend. More information will be posted as soon as it is available. An in-person celebration in 2021 is planned as well.

Honor Roll 

Letisia Alvarado B。A。 ’10
Savannah M. Appleby B.A. ’10
Rachael C. Armstrong B.A. ’10
Bejan E. Atashkar B.A. ’10
Ethan T. Avey B。S。 ’10
Janelle M. Becker B。A。 ’10
Pamela A. (Heisey) Behrsin B.S. ’10 ** ◊
Christopher E. Berner B.S. ’10 ** ◊
Tiffany S. Blaho B.A. ’10 | William R. Marczak Ph.D. ’16
Megan C. Brown B。A。 ’10 ◊
Bryan S. Bucci B.A. ’10 ◊
Leena Bui B。A。 ’10 ◊
Geremia I. Cecere B.A. ’10
Nathalie E. (Quintero) Cheng B.S. ’10 | Daniel Y. Cheng B.S. ’10
Kenny Chung B.A. ’10
Philip Chung B.S. ’10, Joint M。S。 ’11
Rebecca G. Coleman B。A。 ’10, B.S. ’10, M.C.P. ’18
Melina A. Corona B.S. ’10
Andrew W. Craycroft B.A. ’10 ◊
Jeramiah J. Dean B.A. ’10
Keerti Shukla M.S. ’19 | Rahul Deedwania B。A。 ’10, B。S。 ’10
Brian M. Defreitas B。A。 ’10
Katelyn H. Do B.A. ’10
Andrea M. (Hardlund) Eggleton B。S。 ’10, M。F。 ’14 | James R. Eggleton B.A. ’08, M.C.P. ’10
Sean M. Engel B。A。 ’10 ◊
Katerina Y. Estera B.S. ’10, M.S. ’17
Jennifer Fischer B.A. ’10, O.D. ’14
Yiwen Fu B.S. ’10 ◊
Paul J. Gierz B.A. ’10
Matthew W. Goldman B.A. ’10 ** ◊
David M. Gomes B。A。 ’10
Emerson M. Green B。A。 ’10 **
Susana Guerrero B.A. ’10
Nelson A. Gutierrez Romero B.A. ’10
Anna I. Harvey B.S. ’10 | Sean T. Harvey B.A. ’03 ◊
Nicolas S. Hatamiya B.A. ’10
Diamond C. (Jerry) Haymon B。A。 ’15 | Paul D. Haymon B.A. ’10 ◊
Dennafaye G. Herald B.S. ’10
Jamie S. Hill B。A。 ’10
Brian P. Huang B.A. ’10 ◊
Timothy J. Hurt B。A。 ’10, M。I。D。S。 ’18 ◊
Eric B. Isaacs B.A. ’10
Aishwarya Jayagopal B.S. ’10
Catherine E. Jedlicka B.A. ’10 ◊
Kiira J. Johal B。A。 ’10 **
John F. Kaucher B。A。 ’10 ◊
Joseph D. Kemp B。A。 ’10 ◊
Kimberly A. Kennedy B.S. ’10
Hassan N. Khan B.S. ’10
Lubna A. Khan B.A. ’10
Sarah Kochik B.A. ’10, O。D。 ’14, C.Opt. ’15, Ph.D. ’19 | Arjun K. Singh B.S. ’10, Ph.D. ’16 ** ◊
Arpi M. Kojian B。S。 ’10 ◊
Aemad Komarizadeh B。S。 ’10
Rachel A. Krall B。A。 ’10
Robert Kuo B.S. ’10 ◊
Katherine D. Lahl B.A. ’10
Lucas A. Langon B.A. ’10 **
Jake Law B。A。 ’10
Christopher S. Layman B。A。 ’10
Lisa Y. Le B.A. ’10 **
Ana A. Levin B.A. ’10, M.S. ’15
Jiean J. Li B.A. ’10
Jing H. Luo B.A. ’10
Melanie J. Ma B.A. ’10
Christina E. Markle-DeCoudres B.A. ’10
Catherine W. McNeight B.A. ’10
Malia J. McPherson B。A。 ’10 | Kyle A. Barlow B。A。 ’10 ◊
Clara P. Dellenbach B.A. ’11 | Cory A. Miyamoto B。S。 ’10, M.S. ’12 ◊
Megan R. Mizar B。A。 ’10
Vanessa C. Morales B。A。 ’10
Juan P. Munoz B.S. ’10 ◊
Nerissa Nance B.A. ’10, M.P.H. ’16
John T. Navarra B.A. ’10 ◊
Alissa P. Neuhausen B.S. ’10 ◊
Milla Nizar B。A。 ’10
Robert J. Noble B。A。 ’10
Natalie E. Nurnberg B.A. ’10
Jung M. Oh B.A. ’10
Catherine A. O’Mahoney B.A. ’10
Kyle B. Oswalt B.S. ’10
Michael E. Padilla B.S. ’10
Felicia H. Parazaider B.A. ’10
Akash K. Patel B.A. ’10
Ravi S. Patel B.A. ’10 *
Jieling Zhu B.S. ’09 | Steven C. Pham B.S. ’10
Mimi D. Phung B。S。 ’10 ◊
Sabir S. Pirzada B.A. ’10
Chelsea V. Preble B.S. ’10, M。S。 ’13, Ph.D. ’17
James A. Prietto B.A. ’10 ◊
Cameron Reed B.A. ’10, M.I.M.S. ’15
Ashley E. (Wolfe) Reilly B.A. ’10 | Patrick J. Reilly B.S. ’08 ◊
Sarah E. (Lovelace) Roth B.A. ’10 | Brian J. Roth B。A。 ’05 * ◊
Kalie R. Sacco B。A。 ’10
Ojas Sangameswara B.S. ’10
Katrina A. Schutts B。A。 ’10
Andrew Sczesnak B.A. ’10, Joint Ph.D. ’18
Devvrat V. Sinha B.A. ’10
Meng L. So B.A. ’10
Michael A. Sontag B.S. ’10
Tyann N. Sorrell B。A。 ’10
Tammy E. Stark B.A. ’10, M。A。 ’12, Ph.D. ’18
Billy Taing B.A. ’10
Raechel C. Tan B.S. ’10, M.S. ’14, Ph.D. ’16
Ashley M. Thomas B.A. ’10
Alexandra A. Tickner B.A. ’10 * ◊
Lisa Newton Trahan B。A。 ’10
Chin-Ho Tse B.S. ’10
Si-Ming A. Tsui B。S。 ’10
Shanna A. Tucker B.A. ’10 | Paris Sirap
Alexander J. Wang B.S. ’10 *
Haomin H. Wang B.A. ’10
Wen M. Wang B。S。 ’10
Haley E. Weiner B.A. ’10
David M. Weinzimmer B.A. ’10, M.C.P. ’14, M.S. ’14
Suzanne G. Wen B。A。 ’10
Stephen M. Wilson ’10
Geoffrey Q. Wing B.S. ’10 ◊
Paula Winicki B.A. ’10, M.A. ’17
Michelle Y. Wong B.A. ’10, B.S. ’10
Anthony J. Wright B.A. ’10 ◊
Ying C. Wu B。A。 ’10 ◊
Sara M. Yamase B.A. ’10, B.S. ’10, M.B.A. ’17 * ◊
Tina Y. Yau B.A. ’10, B。S。 ’10
Xinxing Yu B。S。 ’10
Boyang Zhang B.S. ’10
Rita Zhang B。A。 ’10